Thursday, September 13, 2018

M.A.P. Assessments

The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment is given 2-3 times a year in grades three through five. The computer-based assessment is what's known as a "dynamic assessment," meaning that the test changes as the student progresses through the questions--if they get a problem correct, they are given a more challenging problem; if they get a problem incorrect, the next problem is easier. The final overall score (known as the RIT score) is an estimate of a student's achievement level. 

The assessments provide teachers with timely, data-driven, and relevant information that will inform our instruction in the classroom. We also use the MAP assessments to monitor students' progress in Math. 

For more information on the MAP, you can view and/or print the MAP Parent Guide.

Fall Standard Score
Math: 191
Reading: 192

Winter Standard Score
Math: 199
Reading: 199

Spring Standard Score
Math: 204
Reading: 202

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